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Consilium Approach

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We guide companies through the process of changing, improving, and managing entrepreneurial activities and organizational structure resulting in renewal, growth and transformation. Although we can focus on any area of a particular business, our greatest success comes from applying our expertise to roles and functions tied to revenue (sales, customer service, marketing and product development).

What should you expect in working with us?

We approach all our client’s challenges with a partnership mentality. Working together, we set goals, assess environments, appraise company capabilities, construct a specific strategy, implement the strategy, then evaluate and control the results.

Expect Hard Work & Tough Decisions:

This is going to be a lot like starting a new fitness regime to lose weight or quit smoking. The benefits are obvious, but it requires hard work and dedication on your behalf.

Expect Communication:

Whether we are on site or working remotely via web or phone conference, communication is the key. Not only communication between our company and yours but also facilitating communication between roles and functions within your company in order to take action. We know how to work with every role in your organization.

Expect Action:

We do not expect results to come from simply making recommendations. We help you develop a strategy to tackle tough challenges and then we roll up our sleeves and make sure your company takes action. Only then can you have a reasonable expectation of results.

Expect Us to Be Honest and Forthright:

Most businesses, regardless of what they make and sell or who’s in charge, rarely reach their potential. They may grow or turn a profit but they never become truly significant in their sphere of influence. We uncover unprofitable legacy practices, processes and plans that affect your company’s growth and profitability. We have no sacred cows. We will give you clear direction and in some cases options to choose from that meet the desired objectives.

Expect Results:

Results that are apparent to everyone, expressed in bottom line numbers

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